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Hi! My name is Fani and I'm the girl behind the RadGal brand. I'm a roller skater from Bulgaria, Europe. When I'm not skating or working on my shop, I am running a mother-daughter business on Etsy and helping other small businesses with their digital marketing. 

rad gal

The RadGal brand was born after my addiction for roller skating started shaping my world. I wanted to be able to represent the freedom, cool vibes and empowerment that roller skating brings to people, through carefully crafted designs and pieces that are functional and fun.

The RadGal skate socks are manufactured in a small factory in Europe and designed specially for the RadGal brand. The skate leashes are handmade by my mom Maya. The illustrations on the apparel and bags are made by local skaters and artists (see all of them here). The skate designs are printed on apparel and bags and shipped by our production partner on demand. This allows us to avoid overproduction. 

Supporting the community, representing a diverse group of skaters and improving our environmental footprint are the main goals for the RadGal brand in 2021. 

The RadGal socks and apparel are offered in the following skate shops:

Roller Girl Gang in Leeds, United Kingdom
Roller Skate Europe in Schöftland, Switzerland
Wheelie World in Belgium
Battery Skate Shop in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada
Vertigo Skates in Sofia, Bulgaria